Types of Manuscript Services:

Developmental Editing

Also known as book doctoring, this type of edit focuses on big picture story aspects and more micro-level issues. I'll go over your story's character development, pacing, structure, and voice and come up with revision strategies for improvement. I'll also provide you with ways to make your work more compelling overall. Then I'll look at things like sentence structure, word choices, and transitions. You'll receive notes in the margins of your manuscript and a 6-10 page editorial letter outlining my thoughts and suggestions; we'll also have a 30-minute phone meeting to answer any lingering questions.

One-on-One Writing Coaching

I've been doing more of these projects lately, with great success. We'll set a schedule of submissions (weekly, biweekly, or monthly), you'll email them to me and I'll read and mark them up. Then we'll meet either face-to-face, or via Skype or phone to go over my revision suggestions--which I'll also scan and email back to you so you have a hard copy for reference. This coaching package is excellent for busy people who want to maintain writing momentum, improve their writing skills, and make their stories truly shine.

Please contact me at jessie.sholl [at] gmail.com to discuss your specific projects.


Me, thinking hard about your manuscript.

Here's What Some Clients Have to Say:

"Jessie has quite literally taught me how to write. With a gentle hand but a dictator's determination, she steered me toward my goal. Her superb editorial skills and instincts are in large part responsible for the coherence and completion of my first novel. So, if my book sucks, blame her."

-- Paulina Porizkova, author of A Model Summer


"Jessie Sholl is the total package. She's an editor who knows -- and will help you master -- all the technicals of character development, structure, plot and theme. But she's also highly intuitive; she's able to somehow just feel when something, though technically proficient, could be even better and will tell you exactly how to take your work from good to great, from great, just possibly, to transcendent."

-- Lorna Graham, author of The Ghost of Greenwich Village


"Jessie Sholl provided me with invaluable editing and feedback on two books, a memoir and a novel. She’s supportive but never afraid to tell you what’s not working. Think of her as a tonic for your manuscript, or a secret weapon." 

-- Elisabeth Eaves, author of Bare and Wanderlust


"Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, Jessie Sholl will help you become a better writer. She has a talent for understanding where your work needs to go, and explaining how you can get it there. I can't thank her enough for her supportive and honest editorial touch."

-- Robert Glick, contributor to Travelers' Tales Prague